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August 27 2014

Now There's a Fitness Tracker for Your Car

August 26 2014

Facebook Acquires A Sound Studio To Help Power Its App Factory
Instagram's Hyperlapse App Turns Videos Into Time-Lapses in 2 Taps
QuickPics Is An iPhone Photo Manager For The Organized Among Us

August 23 2014

Apple Pulls Secret App in Brazil After Judge's Request

August 22 2014

Secret Update Removes Photo Library Access As It Faces Renewed Claims It Isn’t So Anonymous
Find Out Which Apps Are Draining Your iPhone's Battery

August 21 2014

Majority Of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place In Mobile Apps
Storytelling App Steller Becomes More Of A Social Network
Product Hunt, the Reddit for What’s New in Tech, Is Now an App
The Most Connected Man Is You, Just a Few Years From Now
Apple Patents A Way For Your iPhone To Remember Where You Parked Your Car
12 Lifelogging Apps to Help You Raise Your Baby
SchoolGuard App Is a Panic Button That Alerts All Police Within 20 Miles

August 20 2014

Brazilian Judge Wants to Ban Secret App, Wipe It From Phones
Kuddle, An Instagram With Training Wheels, Introduces Social Media To Kids
Brazil Court Issues Injunction Against Secret And Calls For App To Be Remotely Wiped
Make Your Own Lonely Electric Zoo Of One Using Wavepot

August 19 2014

Google Launches Photo Sphere Camera App On iOS
Force Your Kids To Call You Back With This App
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