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October 24 2014

8 Apps to Help You Get More Done in Less Time
Looksery Launches A Video Chatting App That Makes You Look More Attractive

October 23 2014

Facebook Launches Pseudonymous App “Rooms” That Lets You Create Forums About Any Topic
Workout Apps to Help You Burn Off Your Baby Weight During Naptime

October 22 2014

Brain-Sensor Wearable Headbands De-Stress You in Minutes
Twitter Digits Replaces Your Passwords With Your Phone Number
Hands On With Google Inbox: Useful Email Triage Tools For A Mobile Workflow
13 Plane Confessions From the People Running Your Flight

October 21 2014

Calorie-Counting MyFitnessPal App Now Pulls In Recipes from Popular Sites

October 20 2014

App Store Downloads Top 85 Billion, Revenue Up 36 Percent Year-Over-Year
Deeplink Rolls Out Developer Tools That Make Apps More Interoperable

October 16 2014

The Most Popular Free Apps From A to Z
8 of the Most First-World Startups on the Planet

October 15 2014

10 CEOs Pitch Their Disney Accelerator Startups in 6 Seconds

October 14 2014

Gruveo Brings Anonymous Video Calls To The iPhone And iPad
The iPhone 6 Plus Gets A One-Handed Keyboard App, And It’s Glorious
Skype Launches A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era, Skype Qik
12 Inventive Vines That'll Pump Your Own Creative Juices

October 13 2014

Lyve’s New App Lets You Access All Your Photos And Videos From Any Device You Own

October 10 2014

Months After Its “Upgrade,” Simple’s Online Bank Is Still Broken
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