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Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher

Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher is the closest you can get so far to having android 4.0 on any device with out having a custom ROM or the official update. All you need is any Android device with 2.1+

Ice Cream Sandwich all the way

Its all there. ICS Launcher includes the best UI of the official update and includes many cloned features.

ICS themed widgets

This launcher includes widgets themed to 4.0 such as the official 4.0 clock and the Google Search Bar.

Google 4.0 Search Bar

Have you looked for the 4.0 search bar but had no results? Well, it is pre installed in the launcher and works flawlessly.

Ice Cream Sandwich launcher is one of the only launchers available which offers free pre-installed applications by Team Syndicate.

These apps will allow you to push your device even further into making it look like Android 4.0. Many of these useful pre-installs are actual tools for the launcher to help the user enjoy there new home.

Pre-installed Apps

Syndicate Apps Updater

Use our automatic update app to check for an update. This feature is pre-bundled with all of our launchers as a stock feature.

ICS 4.0 Wallpaper Chooser

You can now pick and choose any ICS 4.0 styled wallpaper you want from our new sleek wallpaper chooser.

ICS 4.0 Clock

To add even more ice cream sandwich style to your device, we have pre-installed some ICS 4.0 clocks as widgets.

Need help?

If you ever find yourself lost in the launcher or having issues, now you can quickly find help from the launcher manual.

When ICS launcher was first released it was based on leaked photos and screenshots of what was thought to be 4.0. We built the whole launcher from 2 screenshots. Many people were pleased to finally be able to get at least a clone. But as more leaks become available, the fun began! We had to do a complete rebuild do to major changes from the second set of leaks. The rebuild was more accurate then before and brought many new features.

But recently we have released the newest rebuild. It features many settings, font changes, and more UI tweaks. One of the major changes is the folders and the scroll controllers in the launcher. The folders are not themed to 4.0. They are not just themed to clone the update, but they work the same way as well.

With the new scrolling controller in the launcher, the scroll is incredibly smooth on almost every device designed to handle the launcher. This is a major new feature from previous versions which lacked speed.

Brilliantly Rebuilt...twice

Of course in ICS launcher we had to add the stock look of the app drawer. The launcher does a good job at cloning the official app drawer but unfortunately it can not be exactly accurate do to Android version difference. Since we are trying to keep the launcher working on the lowest android version possible, we can not make a perfect 1:1 clone.

But that doesn't mean the launcher can not have a similar drawer. In the launcher you will find that the launcher does in fact look somewhat like 4.0. It includes a shortcut to the market just like ICS 4.0 as well as Apps and Widget tabs.

In the most recent rebuild, v1.4.0.0, we added a horizontal app drawer as well. Just to give you a better feel of what 4.0 is really like, compared to the previous vertical drawers.

ICS 4.0 App Drawer

ICS Launcher - 4.0 for all!

One of the best parts of Ice cream sandwich launcher that was recently added to the latest rebuild is settings. ICS now has many custom settings to adjust and customize the launcher to fit you and your device.

If you have an older device, you now have the ability to speed up the scrolling intensity in order to make the scrolling effect quicker. You can even change the Over bounce when a screen has slid into place. Also known as screen bounce.

With a pro key, you can even adjust and tweak the launcher more. By changing the font style, battery indicator style, as well as text color throughout the launcher. Settings such as these are not available in the official update or custom ROMs

Settings, settings and more settings